Young women over 60 also benefit from exercise and omega-3


Exercise is very important for women over 60 years old, and strength training (weight lifting or resistance training) is particularly helpful, because it can slow the muscle and bone deterioration that happens with the aging process. To practice regular strengthening exercises helps to prevent and treat arthritis and osteoporosis (stimulating the growth of muscle and bone) and is essential to staying strong and vital during older adulthood. It also can be useful in diabetes (improving glycemic control), heart disease (reducing cardiovascular risk), obesity (increasing metabolism) and back pain (making stronger back and abdominal muscles). Moreover, feeling physically strong also promotes mental and emotional health.

The supplementation with fish oil (rich in omega-3 fatty acids) in addition to strength training causes greater improvements in muscle strength and functional capacity. This has been demonstrated in a study in which a group of women (around 64 years old) were assigned to perform strength training only or the same strength-training program and receive fish oil supplementation. Muscle strength and functional capacity were assessed before and after the training period. The strength training increased muscle strength in all women, but improvement was greater in those who had received fish oil supplementation.

Young ladies over 60, omega-3 supplementation will help you to be in shape if you combine it with strength training. You’ll feel stronger, healthier, more active and more independent. And perhaps next year you could participate in a calendar for some good cause, emulating Helen Mirren and Julie Walters in “Calendar girls“.




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