How uncomfortable are hot flashes!


You are not the only one who suddenly feels heat and goes red, hot flashes (vasomotor symptoms that occur when menstrual periods stop) affect up to 80% of women during the menopause. Given the risks of hormone therapy, omega-3 fatty acids are a potential treatment alternative.

In a recent study, women with hot flashes received 8 weeks of treatment with omega-3 fatty acid capsules (EPA and DHA, 2 g/d): the number of hot flashes per day decreased significantly. Another study obtained similar outcomes: 120 women (between 40 and 55 years of age) received 1,050 mg EPA and 150 mg DHA per day or placebo for 8 weeks. There was a significant reduction in frequency of hot flashes in the omega-3 group compared with the placebo group.

These data support the potential effectiveness of omega-3 fatty acids in reducing hot flashes in women during the menopausal transition.



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