macular degeneration

DHA and macular degeneration (I)

Macular degeneration is a disease of the eye that gradually destroys the macula, the part of the retina (inner eye’s membrane that turns light and images into nerve signals that are sent to the brain) that allows us to see details clearly. It is often called age-related macular degeneration (AMD) because it is most common among people age 50 and older, of which it is a leading cause of vision […]


Can I reduce the chances of getting endometriosis? (I)

In women in childbearing age, the tissue that lines the uterus get thicker every month during some days, preparing it for a possible pregnancy. If woman doesn’t get pregnant, the body removes surplus cells (called endometrial cells) from the walls of the uterus through the menstrual flow. Endometriosis occurs when, in an abnormal process that happens each period, these cells grow (and remain) in other areas of the body (ovaries, […]


My child has troubles with reading

Reading skills are fundamental in the learning process and, if your child has problems with reading, early intervention is needed in order to avoid bad school outcomes and their later consequences. DHA can help improve your child’s reading performance: In the study “Docosahexaenoic Acid for Reading, Cognition and Behavior in Children Aged 7–9 Years“, supplementation with 600 mg/day of DHA proved to be a safe and effective way to improve […]


Omega-3 and the control of asthma

Asthma, a disease that causes swelling and narrowing of the airways, is the most usual chronic illness in childhood and often occurs together with allergy. If the child’s asthma is not well controlled, permanent changes in lung function can be produced. The research on omega-3 has shown that these nutrients play an important role in the prevention and resolution of respiratory illnesses and allergy, beeing beneficial for the treatment of […]


What does Supercritical Concentration mean?

With tradicional methods, omega-3 is usually obtained from small size marine fish or fish-by products by a physical process that implies cooking, pressing and centrifuging. These methods produce a fish oil with a lot of impurities and low contents of omega-3 (less than 30%) that must be refined (using high temperatures and/or organic solvents to remove impurities and toxic compounds) and, later, concentrated (with procedures that are not able to isolate […]


Omega-3 and Primary Dysmenorrhea

Supplementation with Omega-3 fatty acids reduces the symptom intensity of primary dysmenorrhea (the medical term for painful menstrual period). In primary dysmenorrhea, pain occurs in healthy young women without related problems in the uterus or other pelvic organs, neither stress nor anxiety. Many women suffer this problem, which is the first cause of lost time from school and job in their teens and twenties. In one of the several studies […]