Omega-3 supplements, a good investment in our health


Did you know that, according to consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, around 75% of total United States health care expenditures (the sum of public and private health expenditure) are spent on preventable diseases as coronary heart disease, diabetes, age-related eye disease and osteoporosis? And that the use of certain dietary supplements could save a lot of money in health care costs?

Let’s take the example of coronary heart disease, a narrowing of the blood vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the heart caused by the buildup of plaque in the coronary arteries (potentially resulting in angina, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction and heart failure), which is the leading cause of death in the United States for men and women. Coronary heart disease and its consequences are partially preventable: we can change some of its risk factors, for example high cholesterol, smoking, overweight and sedentary lifestyle.

Well, then if all Americans aged over 55 with coronary heart disease took omega-3 from fish oil as a preventive measure, it is estimated that 3.88 billion of dollars in total costs would be saved from now to the year 2020. But only 28% of them takes this type of supplements!

Dietary supplementation with omega-3 from fish oil is one of those easy things we can do to invest in our quality of life, decreasing our chance of experiencing a costly (in every sense) disease.



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