Omega-3 and overweight


A study has evaluated the combination of omega-3 with a very low-calorie diet and regular exercise: 27 obese women underwent a 3 week inpatient period of weight reduction in which some volunteers practised 60 min/day of light to moderate exercise. All of them were randomly assigned to consume either a very low-calorie diet (2200 kJ/day) supplemented with 2.8 g/day of omega-3 (ratio 2 EPA:1 DHA) or the very low-calorie diet supplemented with placebo (saline solution). At the end of the 3 week period, women who combined regular exercise with omega-3 supplementation had a 1.5 kg greater weight loss than those who had received placebo (although this difference did not reach statistical significance). Body mass index and hip circumference reductions were also greater in the omega-3 supplemented group (with statistical significance).

These data indicate that addition of omega-3 to a short weight loss program following a very low-calorie diet and exercise may improve outcomes.



Buckley JD, Howe PR. Long-chain Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids may be beneficial for reducing obesity-a review. Nutrients 2010;2(12):1212-1230.



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