Omega-3 and memory


The results of the study we will discuss in this post show that daily intake of omega-3 from fish oil during a 5 week period significantly improves working memory in healthy subjects (the working memory refers to the simultaneous temporary storage and processing of the information necessary for complex cognitive tasks such as language comprehension, learning and reasoning).

With the objective of evaluating the effects of dietary supplementation with omega-3 from fish oil on cognitive performance in healthy individuals, 40 volunteers aged 51 to 72 years of age received a daily supplement of 3 g or placebo for 5 weeks separated by 5 weeks without any kind of supplement. After the omega-3 and placebo periods, the subjects performed cognitive tests of working memory. Supplementation with omega-3 obtained better outcomes in comparison with placebo; besides, it lowered systolic blood pressure and triglycerides, both cardiometabolic risk factors. This relation suggests the potential benefits of an early dietary prevention to avoid cognitive decline related to cardiometabolic disorders.



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