Omega-3 DHA and the quality of your children’s sleep

sleep problems in children

Preliminary data from a study of the University of Oxford, that involved 395 healthy children aged 7-9 years, indicate significant associations between blood omega-3 status and sleep problems in children. Both sleep problems and dietary deficiencies of omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA are associated with poor general health and with behavioural and cognitive problems (underperforming in reading, for example).

In this research, supplementation with 600 mg/d of DHA for 16 weeks improved sleep quality from baseline significantly in the following aspects: less waking during the night and more efficient sleeping (ratio of time in bed to time asleep); children who had received DHA were asleep for 46 minutes more after supplementation (there were non-significant changes in sleep patterns for the placebo group). These results show that DHA supplementation may improve children’s sleep.


Montgomery P. Omega-3 DHA and Children’s Sleep: New findings from the DOLAB Studies. Omega-3 DHA and Children’s Behaviour and Learning: New Insights from the ‘DOLAB’ Studies. 4 September 2013 – The Royal College of Surgeons, London.


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