Meeting recommendations during pregnancy and lactation


It isn’t easy to follow all the advices for nutrition and lifestyle that rain on us (from health practitioners, relatives, friends, the internet and magazines) when we are planning to become, or we are already, pregnant. It isn’t. Although in many cases, we should not do it. We must always consult our doctor before.

But some of the advices are good ones. Among them, dietary intake of omega-3 EPA and DHA during pregnancy (especially, at third trimester and during lactation) in order to ensure the appropriate amount to our baby. Our child needs it to have a proper development of the nervous and visual systems. But, according to a recent Canadian study, the majority of women in these stages are not meeting the European Union recommendation for DHA during pregnancy and postpartum (200 mg DHA/day), except those who were taking a supplement containing DHA. These women have more chance of meeting amount recommendations.

But remember, always ask your doctor before taking any new vitamins or supplements during pregnancy.



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