Do you still have doubts about benefits of oral supplementation?


If so, pay attention to a study presented this month at the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism annual congress: an eleven-year retrospective study (2000 to 2010) assessed the effect of inpatient oral nutritional supplement use on length of stay and 30-day readmission probability (in the case that the patient was at risk of readmission) on 1.2 million adult inpatient episodes.

The study compared hospital stays where oral nutritional supplements were provided with similar hospital stays that did not provide oral nutritional supplements and differences were measured. Patients who received oral nutritional supplements when hospitalized were 21% more likely to reduce their stay and they had a shorter length of stay by 2.3 days. In patients with at least one subsequent readmission, there was a 6.7% reduction in a 30-day readmission to the hospital if patients were regularly taking nutritional supplements. This study demonstrates that oral nutritional supplementation can improve patient outcomes.



Philipson TJ, Snider JT, Lakdawalla DN et al. Impact of oral nutritional supplementation on hospital outcomes. Am J Manag Care 2013;19(2):121-128.