Diets rich in dark-green vegetables and omega-3 supplements


In order to investigate the associations between the efficacy of omega-3 supplementation and several nutritional factors, scientists from the University of California conducted a study with 83 African Americans, who were randomly assigned to receive either omega-3 supplements (2 g EPA + 1 g DHA) or corn/soybean oil (placebo) for six weeks. All of them had to complete food-frequency questionnaires and blood tests were performed before and after supplementation.

Depending on changes (before and after supplementation) in red blood cells EPA levels, they identified a group of people with high response and a group with low reponse to omega-3 supplementation. They observed that people in the low response group ate fewer dark-green vegetables than people in the high response group.

There is variation in individual responses to omega-3 supplementation. These findings suggest that diets rich in dark-green vegetables can enhance the efficacy of omega-3 supplements.




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