How DHA may help our children when they reach adolescence


Adolescents with positive mental health have an advantage when they meet the challenges and responsibilities of adulthood, even if they have experienced difficult circumstances in life (such as poverty, health problems, or difficult family relationships). One dimension of positive mental health is “resilience”: the ability to recover from or adjust to misfortune or change. Resilience can be understood as the ability to handle stress positively, and during adolescence it is very important, because stress can come from multiple factors: school, relationships with friends, romantic partners, and parents, hormonal and physical changes, etc. Adolescents who are resilient may be better able to avoid risky behaviors (such as violence or substance use), and also to find ways to reduce the negative effects of stress on their lives (such as getting regular physical exercise). Factors that promote resilience among adolescents include to have positive relationships with caring adults, cognitive skills and self-confidence.

And, again, DHA may help our children: now we know that maintaining sufficient DHA levels throughout development (pre- and post-weaning) may increase resiliency to emotional stressors and decrease susceptibility to mood disorders that commonly arise during adolescence.




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