DHA and brain development


DHA is the most abundant omega-3 fatty acid in the human brain and play a cardinal role in behavior, cognition and mood, because of its importance for the formation and function of the nervous system and especially the brain.

During pregnancy and lactation (from around 24 weeks of gestation to 2 years of age), the central nervous system is more vulnerable to DHA deficiency: if sufficient DHA is not available to the organism during the development of the neurons and the retina, the child’s neural development is affected.

The levels of DHA in brain depend of the type and amount of fatty acids in the diet. Therefore, we must pay particular attention to nutritional status of women before and during pregnancy and lactancy, and during the first years of child’s life. Deficiencies in diet during these periods that affects brain DHA could potentially affect all functions involving the brain. Whether these nutritional deficiencies are the result of an inadequate diet or abnormalities in the metabolism of fatty acids, supplementation is an important way to improve them.

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