DHA and aggression


With the purpose of determine if DHA intake has any effect on aggression, it was performed a study with 41 japanesse students. During 3 months, from the end of summer vacation until the first term-final exam, they took either capsules containing 1.5-1.8 g DHA/day or control capsules containing 97% soybean oil plus 3% fish oil, and completed a psychological test (with pictures illustrating frustration) at the start and at the end of the study, in order to measure the aggressive reaction (extraggression: aggression against others; intraggression: aggression against self; imaggression: without agressive reaction). The outcomes showed that extraggression seemed to be stabilized by DHA: in the control group, extraggression was significantly increased at the end of the study as compared with that measured at the start, whereas it was not significantly changed in the DHA group.

According to the frustration-aggression hypothesis, frustration leads to aggression against external trigger-factors, so, it is understandable why extraggression percentage was significantly increased in the control group. And the stability in extraggression percentage in the DHA group indicates aggression-controlling effects of DHA; it seems that DHA intake prevented extraggression from increasing at times of mental stress.


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