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Supplementation with vitamin D and omega-3 could reduce the frequency of nocturnal incontinence episodes among children

Recent studies have associated vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids insufficiency with nocturnal enuresis. With respect to children, the term enuresis means urine incontinence, wetting of clothes or bedding, for a period of at least three consecutive months in children older than five years of age (when a child should be able to control his or her bladder). Nocturnal enuresis, as the name indicates, happens at night while sleeping. There […]


Menstrual pain: Omega-3 supplementation could replace the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Dysmenorrhea (the medical term for menstrual pain) is characterized by abdominal pain occurring just before and/or during menstruation, and defined as primary if it occurs in the absence of endometriosis, uterine fibroids, or pelvic inflammatory diseases. Primary dysmenorrhea is one of the most common complaints of women, and the most common gynecologic problem in menstruating women. Up to 90% of women of reproductive age experience menstrual pain (which typically starts […]


Fish intake seems to be beneficial in childhood asthma

Childhood asthma is very most common among children. In asthma, there is inflammation that results in a temporary narrowing of the airways that carry oxygen to the lungs. This results in asthma symptoms, including wheezing (especially when breathing out), coughing (especially at night), rapid or labored breathing, reduced energy, and/or feeling weak or tired. There are several types of asthma; allergic asthma (which is triggered by inhaling allergens) is the […]


In milk from mothers delivering preterm babies there is a rapid reduction of omega fatty acids

Human milk provides the optimal nutrition for term infants, it is the safest and healthiest food for babies, it is easily digested and provides all the nutrients they need for the first six months. The milk changes constantly (in volume and composition) to meet babies’ needs according to the time of day, nursing frequency, and age of baby. Breast milk helps keep babies healthies and has long-term benefits: it supplies […]


Is fish consumption associated with healthy sleep and cognitive ability among children?

Sleep is very important for child’s health. A better quality sleep is as much important as healthy habits (food, drink and sport), or a safe environment in their lives. Healthy sleep requires a sufficient amount of sleep (school-age kids and preteens need 10 to 11 hours of sleep a night), uninterrupted (good quality) sleep, and a sleep schedule according to the child’s natural daily biological rhythms (each child is unique). […]


DHA reduces toxicity caused by chlorpyrifos

Chlorpyrifos is a organophosphate insecticide that kills mites and ticks, which has been widely used since 1965 in homes and on farms. In agriculture, to control foliage and soil-borne insect pests (among other crops: corn, soybeans, fruit trees, Brussels sprouts, cranberries, broccoli, and cauliflower). It is used also in golf courses, turf, and green houses; in the home, it is used to control cockroaches, fleas, and termites; and it is […]