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Prenatal omega-3 supplementation could protect from house dust mite allergy

There has been a large increase in allergic diseases over the last 30 years, and it has occurred too rapidly (within one to two generations) to be a result of genetic changes in the population, so it is likely to be related to environmental changes. The period of increase in allergic diseases has coincided with a substantial shift in dietary intake of fatty acids to favour omega 6 over omega […]


Fish oil supplementation in pregnancy may be a strategy to prevent childhood allergies

Allergies affect about 30 % to 35 % of children, and and this percentage has been increasing in last years. Allergies are abnormal reactions of the immune system to things that are harmless to most people; in someone with an allergy, the immune system treats the substance (called an allergen) as an invader and reacts trying to fight it off. Common allergens in children are: pollen, insect bites or stings, […]


DHA increases the Omega-3 Index more than EPA

Omega-3 fatty acids are needed by our body not only for normal cellular functioning, but they also have beneficial effects on our health. These beneficial effects are particularly well established on cardiovascular health, and for this reason, supplementation with EPA and DHA (the main omega-3 fatty acids) is recommended by various health institutions. The Omega-3 Index reflects the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in the major organs, including cardiac tissue; […]


Omega-3 to omega-6 status during pregnancy and baby development

Low birth weight babies may be more at risk for certain health problems (in the first days of life, or longer-term problems), and babies born preterm (prior to 37 completed weeks of gestation) often need more medical care (they are at greater risk for respiratory and feeding difficulties, and problems regulating temperature). Maternal status in fatty acids during pregnancy is key for fetal growth and development. Particularly, a higher omega-3 […]


¿Which is the optimal omega-3 intake in children and adolescents?

Omega-3 fatty acids play a particularly important role in early life health and development. Studies have shown that omega-3 intake in children aged 8-15 years is beneficial for cardiovascular health and may reduce depressive and manic symptoms in youth between age 6 and 17. Recommendations for omega-3 fatty acids intake in childhood and adolescence are mainly based on age. However, the differences among recommended doses reflect, in fact, changes in omega-3 […]


Smoking during pregnancy - Protect your baby from tobacco smoke

Smoking causes cancer, heart disease, and other major health problems. It also makes it harder for a woman to get pregnant. In addition, smoking during pregnancy causes other problems, because reduces the amount of oxygen available to the baby and, besides, the nicotine and other poisons that the mother inhales from cigarettes (each of which contains over 4,000 chemicals) are carried through the bloodstream and go directly to the baby. […]