Fish oil and weight loss in young men


Over the last decade, there has been a significant increase in the percentage of obese men and boys, while the percentage of obese girls and women has remained stable. If you are a young man who is trying to lose weight, this information can help you: the addition of fish or fish oil supplements to a nutritionally balanced energy-restricted diet may boost weight loss.

But let’s begin with some general rules that can help you:

  • – First of all, skip the fad diets, their results don’t last. You can safely lose weight with a healthy diet and exercise (and decrease TV time!).
  • – Eat at the table.
  • – Don’t skip meals.
  • – If you eat at work, prepare meals at home.
  • – Choose foods in their most natural states (e.g., grilled chicken instead of chicken nuggets).
  • – Eliminate sugared beverages.
  • – And keep tempting foods out of your home.

Remember that your doctor is the best health advisor you can have.

And, finally, as suggested in a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, include either fish or fish oil in your energy-restricted diet. After four weeks, this will result in approximately 1 kg more weight loss than if you follow the same diet but without fish or fish oil supplement.

Supplementation with fish oil can help you to lose weight.





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