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The intake of omega-3 FA could help to improve/maintain a healthy metabolic profile

Obesity can be harmful to health. Why? Because adiposity (body fat accumulation) leads to adipocyte dysfunction; adipocytes are the cells that form the adipose (fat) tissue. Although in the past it was believed that the function of adipocytes was the storage of fats, it is now known that they are specialized cells involved not only in “fuel” storage, but also in endocrine, nervous and immune function. Adiponectin is a protein […]


Omega-3 fatty acids might help us to quit smoking

After quit smoking, heart rate and blood pressure go down, the carbon monoxide levels in the body go back to normal, and circulation improves. However, unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal also appear: feelings of anxiety, sadness and difficulty concentrating, irritability, headache, trouble sleeping, fatigue, and hunger, among others. After the first two weeks (which are the worst), it is easier. That is what it is very important to be prepared, for […]


Omega-3 FA may be protective against the deterioration of physical function in older people

The preventive role of omega-3 fatty acids supplementation on several negative health outcomes have been confirmed in many studies. On this occasion, we will talk about their effects on physical function decline associated with age. The importance of nutrition for maintaining the health of aging people is well known. Regarding physical function, various studies have shown that lower intakes of omega-3 fatty acids are associated with worse physical function, and […]


Possible benefit of the supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids in overweight/obese women during pregnancy

In Western countries up to 30 % of pregnant women are overweight or obese. Overweight/obese women are at higher risk of pregnancy complications, for instance, impaired glucose tolerance and gestational diabetes; furthermore, offspring of mothers with abnormal glucose in the blood during gestation are at greater risk of obesity and diabetes themselves. One study has assessed the associations of body mass index with fatty acid concentrations among pregnant women; this […]