Monthly archives: August 2016


Fish oil supplementation and acne

Acne occurs most often during puberty and affects both women and men. It is more common in developed countries than in less industrialized regions, and is characterized by seborrhea and formation of comedones, pustules and papules in areas rich in sebaceous glands, although not all of these disorders are present in the same person. It can be caused by different factors (genetic predisposition, hormonal abnormalities, immunological disorders, psychological, and environmental […]


Global map identifying areas with different omega-3 levels

A recent research has created a global map identifying countries and regions with different blood levels of EPA and DHA. Data come from 298 studies of healthy adults, published in 1980 or later. The outcomes reveal considerable variability in blood levels of EPA + DHA, and also show that EPA + DHA blood levels are in the very low to low range for most of the world. This late is […]