Why and what Omega-3 supplements?

In 1963, more than 50 years ago, some scientists of Harvard demonstrated for the first time that humans require the dietary intake of certain polyunsaturated fatty acids that our body is unable to synthesize (for this reason, these fatty acids are named essentials). Nowadays, we know that the essential fatty acids of the omega-6 series and the omega-3 series (the most important of which are linolenic acid [LNA], from plant [...]


Omega-3 in age-related hearing loss

Age-related hearing loss is common in the older people and means a problem both for sufferers and for those who communicate with them. It is believed that it’s origin is in the cochlea (the auditory portion of the inner ear), that is highly vascularized. There are many factors that can predispose individuals to age-related hearing loss: the aging process itself, genetic risk factors, exposure to noise and disruptions to cochlear [...]


Omega-3 supplementation may help in quitting smoking

Smoking causes 87% of lung cancer deaths and is also responsible for many other cancers and health problems: lung, heart and blood vessel diseases, stroke and cataracts, among others. At least 60 of the chemical agents of cigarette smoke cause cancer, but nicotine is the only substance in cigarettes that generates dependence. Nicotine reaches the brain in 30 seconds and there it stimulates the release of chemical substances that create [...]


Omega-3 and polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome is the most usual endocrine disorder (among women, of course) and the percentage of women affected is growing. It consists in having many small cysts on the ovaries, which, moreover, make more androgens than normal (androgens are male hormones that females also produce), and can affect the woman’s menstrual cycle (missed or irregular periods). It can also affect her ability to have children (the most common cause [...]


The roles of EPA in health - Part II

As we promised in “The roles of EPA in health – Part I“, we are going to talk about the main beneficial roles of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) in our health: EPA prevents cartilage degradation related with chronic inflammatory joint diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis) and research has shown that omega-3 fatty acids intake decreases the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis, dysmenorrhea, inflammatory bowel disease and neuropathy and allows to reduce [...]


The roles of DHA in health - Part II

Beyond its role in cognitive development in children, DHA continues to have an important role in the adult brain. It improves the communication between neurons in the hipoccampus, a brain area that plays an important role in memory, and is implicated in cognition and mood regulation. The research confirms that DHA is essential for normal neurological development, maintenance of learning and memory, and brain plasticity (the ability of the brain [...]