Psoriasis symptom severity reduced by Omega-3 fatty acids

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease of the skin characterised by the formation of scales, leading to itching and pain. In Spain, it is calculated that over a million people suffer from the disease. Furthermore, it affects a growing number of people, as the proportion of patients with psoriasis in Spain in the last 15 years has risen from 1.4% to 2.3% today. Trials for different nutritional strategies have been under […]


Moderate omega-3 consumption reduces the risk of depression

Over 20 hospitals throughout Spain are involved in the PREDIMED-Plus Project, which has enrolled over 6,800 participants. This is the largest research challenge in the field of nutrition yet to be carried out in the country. Its aim is to assess the effects of the Mediterranean diet on health. Although focussing mainly on cardiovascular problems, the study has for some time also provided data on other diseases. One of these […]


EPA and DHA can help prevent kidney disease in people with diabetes

It has been known for some time that diabetes is the main cause of chronic kidney disease in the world. More than half the cases of terminal kidney disease, i.e. those that require dialysis or kidney transplantation, are caused by so-called diabetic nephropathy. One way of assessing whether kidneys are working correctly is by measuring albumin levels in a urine sample and comparing them to creatinine levels. This is known […]


Sporting performance, an added benefit of omega-3 supplementation for athletes

Nutrition has a decisive influence on our physical capacity, metabolism and sporting performance. Numerous properties of omega-3 fatty acids have already been known for some time, but ongoing research is constantly producing new findings on their benefits in different aspects of human health. An article published by Italian investigators in the scientific journal ‘Nutrients’ underlines the importance of omega-3 in diet, focussing especially on its potential effects in sporting performance. […]


Omega-3 and intellectual capacity in infantile epilepsy

Recently, a team of investigators in Egypt explored the issue of Omega-3 and intellectual capacity in infantile epilepsy. Which is based on the premise that omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids might play a role in childhood epilepsy and cognitive impairment. It is well known that epilepsy negatively influences intellectual capacity in children, to the extent that some studies estimate up to 40% of minors affected by the disease have cognitive […]


Omega-3 could help prevent complications in pregnancy

Almost everyone has in their mouth a bacteria called Fusobacterium nucleatum. It is related to the risk of periodontitis or gum disease in some people, but the situation can be complicated if the bacteria moves to other parts of the body, such as the maternal uterus, during pregnancy. Indeed, it is estimated that between 10% and 30% of premature births are due to uterine or placental infections caused by this […]